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Buying a home is an important decision and you should be confident and excited, not stressed. I will work with you every step of the way and guide you through the entire process, offering you valuable insight, while saving you time. Together, we will find the mortgage that best suits you and your unique situation. Let's have the mortgage fit you, not you fit the mortgage.
  • Expertise and Knowledge
    As a licenced mortgage broker, I am familiar with the ever changing mortgage world. I will provide you independent expert advice on your options. I am not tied to any specific lender or products so I can offer you mortgage products that will best match your specific needs.
  • Save you time with one-stop shopping
    Instead of spending your valuable time meeting with competing mortgage lenders, I can quickly narrow down the list of lenders that will help you achieve your financial goals. I will make your comparison-shopping fast, easy, and convenient.
  • No charge to you
    There's absolutely no charge for my services on typical residential mortgage transactions. Like many other professional services, such as insurance, I am paid a finder's fee when we introduce dependable clients to a financial institution.
Why Should You Use My Services?
I will negotiate on your behalf. Many people are uncertain or uncomfortable negotiating mortgages directly with their bank. And even if you have an existing relationship with your branch, TMG does billions of dollars of transactions every year with a wide variety of lending institutions who all want our business, so we have strong lender relationships. I can use that relationship to your advantage to negotiate your mortgage to ensure you secure competitive rates and terms that benefit you.
I will also ensure that you're getting the best rates and terms. Even if you've already been pre-approved for a mortgage by your bank or another financial institution, you're not obliged to stop shopping and you shouldn't!  This is your largest financial investment, why not have someone on your side.  I can investigate on your behalf to see if there is an alternative to better suit your needs.
Do you know about mortgage customization? All mortgages are not created equally, and depending on your financial goals, I will ensure the mortgage you receive helps you with those goals. Whether you are looking to borrow to purchase your first or twenty first home, doing some renovations, or looking at an investment property or second home, I can ensure that the mortgage you have helps achieve these financial goals.
Think Outside the Branch for Your Mortgage
New Mortgage
Need a new mortgage? I'll help you pick the right fit for you and your budget. There are many variables, let's find the one you are most comfortable with. Have the mortgage fit you, not you fit the mortgage.
When it comes time to renew your mortgage, I'll help you review your options and make the renewal process simple and easy. Your lender is probably not offering you the best terms at renewal, let's take a look and see if it's worthwhile to stay or switch.
Sometimes, refinancing is your best way to go for a variety of reasons. Let me review your options and do the hard work for you! You may end up savings by re-financing to pay off some high interest debt, or access some funds for a holiday or university fund.
Get started with your application now!
I'm here to help with your mortgage needs, refinancing, debt consolidation, equity take out, new home purchases or mortgage renewals. Whatever your mortgage needs are, let's get started!
Types of Mortgages

A fixed mortgage offers you the security of locking in your interest rate for the term of your mortgage, usually a 5 year term, so you know exactly how much you will be paying on the mortgage each and every month during the term. Terms range from 6 months to 10 years. Fixed rate mortgages offer some form of pre-payment, from 10% to 25% of the original mortgage balance each year, depending on the lender. If you wish to pay off your mortgage in full, there will be a penalty of either 3 months simple interest, or an Interest Rate Differential (IRD). The benefit of this mortgage is the rate is lower than an open mortgage, making it a more popular option if you have no plans to pre-pay it in full during the term you select.

A variable-rate mortgage allows you to take advantage of today's low Prime Rate. Most variable rate products are set below prime, terms range from 1 to 5 years. Payments vary depending on the product or lender you choose. In some cases you can fix your payments for up to 5 years, but the interest rate will fluctuate as the Bank Prime Rate changes. In other cases your monthly payments will fluctuate depending on how many times the Prime Rate changes during your term.

An open mortgage allows you the flexibility to pay off some or the entire mortgage at any time, without penalty. Interest rates are usually higher and are tied to the Bank's Prime Rate.

A secured line-of-credit allows you to access the equity in your home whenever you choose. Rates are tied to prime, usually slightly above prime. Required payment on the balance is interest only, making it a good choice where cash flow may be important. Lower interest rates compared to an unsecured line of credit. You may have a secured line of credit and a mortgage, if you have good equity in your home.

The Rates, Today
Because I work with a wide variety of lenders I can access competitive, lower-than-advertised interest rates. Check back often to see how these rates compare to average bank rates.
Rates are subject to change without notice and are subject to the lenders qualification guidelines.
How Much Can You Afford?
Use this mortgage calculator to help you figure things out
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