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You can save thousands of dollars and years off your mortgage with a few easy steps.

- INCREASE THE FREQUENCY OF YOUR PAYMENTS.  By simply switching from monthly payments to weekly, or bi-weekly, you can actually be making more payments throughout the year.  You won't even notice the extra amount but the savings in interest really adds up using this simple strategy. 

- INCREASE YOUR PAYMENT AMOUNT. All lenders allow you to increase your payment amount, usually between 10-15% a year.  If you received a raise - why not increase your payment?

- USE THE LUMP SUM PAYMENT. You will also have been provided with the opportunity to make lump sum payments on your mortgage, between 10-20% of the ORIGINAL mortgage amount.  You may have received a year end bonus, inheritance, or receiving a tax refund.  This is a great time to take advance of the lump sum payment.  Did you know that as little as an annual 2% lump sum payment is all you will need to pay off your mortgage years ahead.

- SHORTEN YOUR AMORTIZATION.  While a 25 or even 30 year amortization is the norm, let's work out what you are comfortable with.  By reducing the amortization of your mortgage to even 20 years, will result in significant savings of interest over time.

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