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Home Surtax Explored as Prices Continue to Rise
As new home prices marked the 20th consecutive month of growth, a new report backed by Canada’s housing agency called for a new annual tax to help address affordability. The...
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Lowest Rate May Cost You In The End
If you focus only on securing the lowest interest rate on your mortgage, you may be doing so at the expense of flexibility that can sometimes cost you over the long run. For some products, this...
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Gifted Down Payment?
Planning on Gifting a Down Payment This Holiday Season?The season of giving is upon us. For some, that means Black Friday shopping to be sure there are some happy kids on Christmas morning. For...
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A Snapshot of the Canadian Mortgage Market
Mortgage debt is rising at its fastest pace in over 10 years, yet arrears have fallen to record lows. Meanwhile, more mortgage shoppers are opting for variable rates and a growing...
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